TBI Therapist Podcast Episodes

Learn tips for recovering and thriving after a brain injury, concussion, stroke, and other acquired brain injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI).

If you are looking for stories, tips on mental health, tips on getting back to feeling more like yourself after a concussion or brain injury you are in the right place.

Dr. Jen Blanchette leaning on the railing outsider her office wearing a black tank top

Your Host

Dr. Jen Blanchette is the host of the TBI Therapist podcast. She is a passionate concussion and brain injury clinician, trauma expert, and clinical psychologist. The show hosts weekly guests who are survivors of a concussion/or brain injury. We explore the heart of brain injury. The emotions, struggles, messy middle, and most importantly the hope needed to recover and heal. See more at tbitherapist.com


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