Full recovery after concussion with Melanie Wienhoven

April 12, 2022
The TBI Therapist Podcast with Dr. Jen Blanchette and Melanie Weinhoven

Episode 17! Melanie is a survivor and advocate that did not give up when she couldn’t find answers. She didn’t have doctors to let her know what she was experiencing so she took matters into her own hands.   She started fighting to find answers which led her to develop a course about concussion from a survivor perspective.  

Meet Melanie: 

Melanie Wienhoven sustained a concussion in 2012. She didn’t recover within the “normal timeframe” that doctors communicated with her. Her concussion turned into post-concussion syndrome and doctors didn’t know what to tell her but to rest even more. After a few years, she was told that her brain injury was beyond repair. Unable and unwilling to accept that reality, she then turned her passive attitude into one of active recovery. She studied cutting-edge science, patients’ cases and leading scholars and she experimented on herself for years. 6 years after injury (in 2018), she made a complete recovery from post-concussion syndrome – even though she was told that there was no hope. Now, she shares all that she learned through Lifeyana, so that others 1) don’t feel so alone and 2) can cure their concussions much faster (because it didn’t have to take that long)

Things we discussed: 

  • Mental health and concussion, it’s normal to have mental health symptoms! 
  • Hope is possible and attainable. Do your own research and never keep searching for answers. 
  • Shame and brain injury of course led us to Berne Brown! 
  • Continue to fight for people that help you feel accepted and heard. 


Takeaway #1

Don’t wait and see.  Melanie says she waited too long with very difficult symptoms when she could have been progressing in her recovery. 

Takeaway #2

Recovery is possible! She discusses the research of Dr. McCrea who told her recently  that recovery is 100% possible. (maybe a future podcast guest!) 

More From Melanie

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