September 11, 2021
The TBI Therapist Podcast with Dr. Jen Blanchette

An introduction to the TBI Therapist podcast. A podcast for survivors of of concussion and acquired brain injury. You’ll hear a bit about me in this episode, Dr. Jen Blanchette a brain injury clinician and trauma expert. We talk about the focus of the show which will focus on mental health, wellness, stories, and professional insights to heal from a brain injury. To learn more about the podcast and show notes, visit

Speaker 1 00:00:02 Hi everyone. Welcome to the TBI Therapist podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Jen Blin shot, where we explore the heart of brain
Speaker 0 00:00:13 Injury.
Speaker 1 00:00:21 Hi, I’m Dr. Jen. Welcome to the TBI Therapist podcast. We’ll hear weekly from brain injury survivors, caregivers, and professionals focusing on the emotional and mental health aspects of their brain injury. Now, I’m not leaving other professionals out necessarily, but I think other podcasts do focus on that primarily. So I wanna provide deep insights into the stories of someone’s brain injury. I’ve always been inspired and deeply moved by hearing the story of someone’s brain injury. In that we’ll explore what they wanna share about a particular point in their injury will learn about the messy middle and the dark points, and how they got out of them, how they found hope, and how they found tools along their journey for the recovery. I think it’s important to focus on these stories because our brain loves them. We learn best by hearing the stories of others. And I personally have been so moved when I’ve heard stories from individuals, caregivers, and professionals about their work.
Speaker 1 00:01:33 A little bit about me, I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and I’ve been practicing in brain injury and trauma recovery for the past 10 years. I’ve also provided couples therapy and some neuropsychological assessment. So you may ask, What’s my story? Well, I’m not a brain injury survivor. However, I think I’ve approached this work with tremendous curiosity. I came into the brain injury world not having any experience. Most of my colleagues who are psychologists that go into brain injury work wanna be a clinical neuropsychologist. However, I came to the neuro rehab program with training as a therapist and all of my internship, I was trained pretty much as one. I found this curiosity helped me really focus on understanding the emotional components of the clients that were in front of me after their injury. Most of my clients have considered why their life has changed in this way and who they are now.
Speaker 1 00:02:45 I decided to start this podcast because when people come to me, they have been to everyone in the brain injury world. They’ve seen physical therapists, speech therapists, anyone you can imagine in the world who work can work with them. And it is great work that they have done, but there’s something missing. They’ve been struggling with their emotions. They’ve been struggling with trauma, they’ve been struggling with their relationships, and I think the mental health component really has been missing for them. And when they get to me, they often feel like, Wow, someone gets this, or, You understand my pain. My practice has been full for so very long, and I’ve struggled with the desire to want to help in a bigger way, to want to provide more awareness about emotional wellbeing in the brain injury world, to understand trauma and how it affects the individual in their nervous system, and also to provide awareness about what the individual might be going through, how they might be struggling emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.
Speaker 1 00:04:03 I also hope that we can recruit some more therapists that are deeply passionate about this work. I often have felt that this work really found me that I didn’t find it, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve such a wonderful group of people and to be able to, at least for a while, provide space for people who need their pain to be held, who need these emotions to breathe, to be listened to. So what can you expect from the podcast? Initially, we’ll launch with three episodes, and after that I’ll have one episode a week for you to listen to. I need your feedback, so you, my brain injury survivor caregivers and professionals. Please let me know what you wanna hear more of, and I will find people who have expertise and passion on those topics. I am so looking forward to starting this journey with you all.
Speaker 2 00:05:14 Thank you for joining us today on the TBI Therapist podcast. Please visit tbi for more information on brain injury, concussion and mental health. The information shared on today’s podcast is intended to provide information, awareness, and discussion on the topic. It is not clinical or medical advice. If you need mental health or medical advice, please seek a professional.


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